Cybersecurity: Intelligence & Strategy to Empower Your Business

Cybersecurity is more than just compliance. If done with intelligence and strategy, it can empower and enable the business to achieve long-term sustainability.

For Information security decision makers, cybersecurity has been on the budget backburner for years. The line item that’s reluctantly signed off, the problem child that’s always throwing a tantrum and putting the business reputation at risk. It took 2020 and a digital explosion to make companies fully realise the importance of a truly robust cybersecurity posture. Due to the increase in threat activities and organisational data breaches. Companies lost money, reputation and customers. Hackers took advantage of the unexpected vulnerabilities that sprang up around the pandemic, and they left behind them a trail of damage.

The Marriot Hotel chain was breached, revealing the personal data of around 5.2 million guests because the login credentials of two employees were used to access information. The UK Home Office broke countless GDPR regulations with its mismanagement of the EU settlement scheme. Experian South Africa experienced a significant breach that hurt more than 793 749 businesses and 24 million consumers. And MGM customers have had their information available for sale on the Dark Web for quite some time. In short, digital is not a nice place to be if the company isn’t focused on security.

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