The Value of Data Privacy in Your Data Analytics

How compliance is just solid step towards gaining access to invaluable business insights that can transform growth.


The market is packed full of juicy, detailed, complicated and sometimes convoluted information about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Not to mention, all the regulations, laws, fines and mandates that go along with it.

As one of the most rigorous data privacy compliance laws, the GDPR sets the global benchmark for compliance within the data privacy realm. It has also been part of numerous, high-profile, court cases such as Schrems II, that have put companies firmly in their legislative place. Cross the tenets of GDPR at your peril.

The problem is that many organisations view GDPR, and the many other data privacy laws that have sprung up globally – 150 at last count – in its wake, as a complexity. A hurdle that has to be jumped. A pothole on the road to business success. And this is an understandable perspective. Compliance with GDPR is a rigorous process that asks the business to tick more boxes than there is ink in one pen.

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