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Introduction to ATVANCE Intellect

We have developed a comprehensive, integrated approach that encompasses all things data.

Unlike other companies, we have specialists in every area who work together seamlessly to offer insights that will drive your business – as it has for our clients in South Africa, the UK and now in The Netherlands. We call it DATA TO THE POWER OF 3, combining data analysis, security and privacy. And as our clients will tell you, that works for them.

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Our global team of experts works from South Africa, The United Kingdom and The Netherlands. We offer direct, personal service in all markets. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Introduction to Cribl

We are a vendor-agnostic observability pipeline that gives you the flexibility to collect, reduce, enrich, normalize, and route data from any source to any destination within your existing data infrastructure. You’ll finally achieve full control of your data, empowering you to choose how to treat your data to best support your business goals.

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Cribl was founded with one purpose in mind: build a solution to make observability viable for any organization, giving our customers visibility and control while maximizing value from existing tools, and consumption pricing that is accessible for all.

Introduction to Salt Security

We protect the APIs that form the core of every modern application. Its API Protection Platform is the industry's first patented solution to prevent the next generation of API attacks, using machine learning and AI to automatically and continuously identify and protect APIs. Deployed in minutes, the Salt Security platform learns the granular behaviour of a company's APIs and requires no configuration or customization to pinpoint and block API attackers. Salt Security was founded in 2016 by alumni of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and serial entrepreneur executives in the cybersecurity field and is based in Silicon Valley and Israel.

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Salt Security
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Our mission is to deliver the simplest, most comprehensive, and most effective API security by tapping AI and big data

Introduction to CYE

We revolutionize cybersecurity decision-making. By quantifying contextual security data, CYE delivers business impact insights that enable security leaders to build programs based on facts instead of guesses.

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Reach out to learn more about our unique approach and how we can work together to meet and exceed your cybersecurity goals.