As Businesses Seek Increased Agility, the Case for Silos Weakens

There has been no greater display of the need for agility in the business than the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures implemented by governments to curb its spread.

Looking locally we’ve seen a number of businesses adapt to the changing face of the economy with some entering entirely new avenues of business. Case in point is Syntech which – before lockdown – dealt exclusively in tech products. Fast forward to today and Syntech is leading the charge to get personal protective gear and medical supplies to those who are in need.

The question that we’ve had since lockdown began back in March is why more businesses aren’t able to rapidly shift what they are able to do and according to senior solutions manager at Atvance Intellect, Enlin Neveling, silos have become a hindrance for many businesses.

A silo, in the sense of a business is a reference to a division operating independently within a business. For the longest time this is simply how businesses operated. There wasn’t a need for the accounting division to speak with the IT team aside from special circumstances so communication between divisions was never encouraged.

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