Building the Foundations for Tomorrow

It’s impossible to avoid it. The pandemic, the conversations that swirl around it, and the belief that the changing landscapes of work and interaction are the ‘new normal’, but this is no longer new. It is the normal.

This world of work is being defined by the pandemic and redefined by organizations as they innovate over challenges and refine business parameters. As everything continues to change, it will be those organizations that pay attention to technology and invest in its ubiquity that will be most likely to do more than just survive in these turbulent times, they will thrive.

“It may seem counterintuitive to consider spending money on new technology in the face of a complex market and economic conditions,” says Enlin Neveling from Atvance Intellect. “But it’s the opposite. If we look back at economic crashes and global crises in the past, those are the times that defined invention and reshaped convention. The same can be said about what’s happening today which is why technology is a solid foundation upon which to build a business that’s agile enough to cope with what lies ahead.”

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