Data AHOY!

There is a gaping chasm where data skills should lie. A gap so wide that few organisations know how to fill it, much less how to tackle it. IBM’s The Quant Crunch report found that not only would data science be a fundamental part of around 28% of digital jobs by the end of 2020, but that there was a staggering lack of talent.

In the data science and analytics market, the limited supply of talent is sitting on the cusp of bringing all the potential wrapped up in big data to a grinding, empty halt.

To continue the sailor analogy, that lighthouse isn’t warning of land, it’s the klaxon from industry warning that now is the time to pay attention to the value of data and invest into skills development.

“Big data isn’t going to slow down its growth; if anything, it will continue to form the building blocks of business and remain a critical tool for success,” says Alan Browning, regional sales manager at Atvance Intellect.

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