Data-driven Operational Intelligence for Healthcare

As a professional within the Healthcare IT industry, you would know that managing data and then extracting value from it can be an ongoing struggle.

ATVANCE INTELLECT B.V.’s Data Analytics services can drive security, IT Operations and business intelligence applications within the private and public Healthcare sector. We do this with our experienced technical team using the Splunk global platform to help customers investigate, monitor and analyse Healthcare data to help empower teams to turn data into actionable insights.

The Power of Machine Data with Splunk & ATVANCE INTELLECT B.V.

  • Improve uptime of online services and patient portals
  • Protect patient records and proactively prevent security breaches
  • Streamline audits and demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Gain actionable operational and business insights from machine data

Would you like to learn more? Below are two informative resources regarding how this platform has been applied to Healthcare which will give an idea of some of the use cases we excel at. Our Dutch team, together with Splunk, offers non-technical and technical sessions tailored to the Healthcare industry.

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