Future-proof Your Business With Cribl LogStream + Amazon Web Services

The cloud already plays a huge role in the way data is architected today, with many companies running completely in the cloud, supporting hybrid architectures, or considering migrating workloads to the cloud. Enterprises that want to optimize their resources while planning for long-term success are choosing Amazon Web Services (AWS), because of its flexibility, cost effectiveness, and reliability.

Those same enterprises use Cribl LogStream for similar reasons. They need an observability pipeline with the flexibility to get data into multiple tools from multiple sources without adding new infrastructure and agents. These companies also need a cost-effective strategy for retain- ing data long-term. At the same time, they need an observability solution that is reliable and scalable, regardless of the amount of data they have, the products they use today, or the tools they may turn to in the future.


Together, Cribl LogStream and Amazon Web Services can help future-proof businesses of all sizes, whether they’re leveraging Amazon Kinesis for data streaming, S3 for object storage, SQS for queuing in transit, or all of the above.

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