LogStream Data Reduction

Reducing the volume of your observability data can help you control license compliance, reduce your infrastructure budget, and improve the performance of your analytics tools. Cribl LogStream helps you get control over increasing data volumes by letting you trim unused data. Data that has little to no analytical value can account for as much as 50% of your data. You should never pay to ingest, analyze, or store data that doesn’t help you solve your observability or security challenges. Cribl LogStream helps you tune out the noise and focus on the signal.

Logging systems and other observability tools are at capacity. As data continues to grow 25%-30% a year, organizations face ballooning infrastructure costs, and push up against their daily licensing limits. To mitigate these challenges, they engage in data gymnastics to make it all fit – day after day. Adding to this, long-term retention of data in analytics tools can be expensive and can slow the performance of queries and correlations.

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