Modern IT Management with AIOPS

What’s Your Digital Transformation Strategy?

Companies are going digital, whether their IT infrastructure is ready or not. Digital transformation initiatives like migrating to cloud promise speed, adaptability and reduced costs to effectively respond to today’s real-time, customer-focused world. These initiatives come with new technologies and methodologies (like microservices and CI/CD), creating increasingly hybrid, complex environments to support.

Traditional IT operating solutions weren’t built to support these diverse, cloud-driven environments, and leave teams with ineffective tools to manage operations. A decade ago, IT’s role was different: ensure on-prem infrastructure is up and running and support monolith applications with predictable architectures and no interaction with customers. Today, customer demands are driving faster development cycles, more ephemeral application architectures and higher visibility incidents. IT is now responsible for ensuring traditional, critical services don’t suffer while supporting future innovation initiatives and technologies. Ensuring reliability for this diverse range of applications and services using traditional IT management tools poses a challenge, and prevents organizations from innovating.

Organizations recognize their current infrastructure limitations1 and are investing in new operating models like AIOps to manage the rapid growth and diversification of system architectures2. AIOps is “the combination of big data and machine learning to effectively automate operations”3. AIOps equips IT organizations with the ability to respond to the variety, velocity and volume of data created from digital businesses.

Splunk for IT Operations enables teams to embrace AIOps at every stage of digital transformation. Recognized as a market leader in ITOM by analysts and Fortune 100 customers, Splunk delivers business value to companies, no matter where they sit in their
transformation journey.

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