The CIO's Guide to the Future of Intelligence

Most CIOs have made significant strides in implementing business intelligence (BI) in their enterprises; yet even as they make progress, the bar keeps rising. The new imperative for CIOs is that of achieving the future of intelligence in their businesses. IDC defines the future of intelligence as "an organization's capacity to learn, combined with its ability to synthesize the information it needs in order to learn, and to apply the resulting insights at scale to gain a sustainable competitive advantage or an ability to fulfill the organizational mission." IDC predicts that over the next four to five years, enterprises that invest in future of intelligence capabilities effectively will experience a 100% increase in knowledge worker productivity, resulting in shorter reaction times, increased product innovation, and improved customer satisfaction, in turn leading to sustainable market share leadership (or achievement of their mission) in their industry.

CIOs are adept at solving business problems with traditional BI and data/analytics. Yet most efforts have been siloed and aimed at solving narrowly defined needs, falling far short of true enterprise intelligence. Businesses cannot cope with the increasing pace and volatility of business markets, the spiraling number of emerging digital technologies, or black swans resulting from geopolitical unrest, natural disasters, and pandemics, using only traditional reports and dashboards. Instead, intelligence needs to be embedded in every aspect of business operations and interactions with customers, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders. CIOs have an opportunity and crucial responsibility to help their businesses drive toward the future of intelligence, but they must have a sound game plan to succeed.

This document is a guide to the future of enterprise intelligence, designed to help CIOs understand what it is and why it matters, what roles they must play, and key actions they must take in preparing to help drive future of intelligence efforts for their businesses.

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