The five essential capabilities of an analytics driven SOC

As the volume and sophistication of cyberattacks accelerates, security operations centers (SOCs) have become the focal point for consolidating the necessary people, processes and technology for an organization’s defense and response. The trouble is that most IT and business leaders don’t really know their real level of risk vulnerability. They have no real visibility into all the potential vulnerabilities that might be exploited, let alone a means to fix them.

But organizations can keep up with modern threats by adopting an analytics-driven SOC. A successful SOC can improve an organization’s incident detection and response while accelerating and enhancing its security posture.

The legacy SOC

The role a SOC plays in preventing cyberattacks is relatively straightforward. Rather than respond to cyberattacks in an uncoordinated fashion, a SOC enables IT organizations to rapidly provide context by centralizing security management around a well-defined set of processes.

A SOC also builds on the change management and maintenance of security devices and monitoring log and events that are primarily handled by a security information and event management (SIEM) platform. Most IT organizations are already dependent on IT environments that have scaled beyond the ability of any manual management by humans — and security.

A recent Gartner study found that an intelligence driven SOC significantly improves the overall security posture of any organization by adding threat intelligence, analytics, automation and investigation capabilities via an adaptive security platform.

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