An Introduction

We are delighted to start a new series of podcasts with eBizRadio that goes in-depth on the subject of Data.

Since computers started revolutionizing our lives in all aspects, so the data these computers has increased, with the adoption of cell phones on a commercial scale and technological advances, Data has exploded into an industry that affects everyone's lives today in both negative and positive ways.


We’re unpacking this concept with a company called Atvance Intellect, below is some information about them.

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Jayson O'Reilly

The Department of Justice's IT System hacked by Ransomware
Fear that technology is going to replace people
Online shopping, how security conscious are you?
Data privacy and IP attorney
Actionable intelligence for core business data
The distillation process that sets data companies apart
Understanding the broad-ranging Data protection act
Group / corporate culture can affect the severity of hacks
Understanding risk in the IT Security Industry
Focused on the lack of IT literacy
Why we partner with Splunk
Information harnessed by criminal elements globally
Data has exploded into an industry that affects everyone