Introduction to the Atvance Intellect Managing Director

Introduction video between Jayson O'Reilly (General Manager of Cyber security) and our Managing Director, Steven Ambrose. Steven provides a short introduction about himself and his professional experience.

He has a love for technology and a strategic mindset. He currently leads ATVANCE INTELLECT and speaks about the hyperconnected world we live in. Steven has a vast understanding of Cyber security, Data Analytics and Data privacy.


This video also touches on the importance of job creation and skill shortages and compares these issues between ATVANCE INTELLECTS three operational areas: South Africa, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom. Steven and Jayson also have an in depth discussion around the vision and mission about the ATVANCE group and then the main focus of ATVANCE INTELLECT.

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Steven Ambrose

The Department of Justice's IT System hacked by Ransomware
Fear that technology is going to replace people
Online shopping, how security conscious are you?
Data privacy and IP attorney
Actionable intelligence for core business data
The distillation process that sets data companies apart
Understanding the broad-ranging Data protection act
Group / corporate culture can affect the severity of hacks
Understanding risk in the IT Security Industry
Focused on the lack of IT literacy
Why we partner with Splunk
Information harnessed by criminal elements globally
Data has exploded into an industry that affects everyone