One Commercial License

Information Officer Data Privacy Training & Portal

What you will receive with this package:

  • Access for one license to access the content portal and use of content to advise your clients.
  • Interactive training for your team covering:
  • Defining privacy
  • Defining information privacy
  • Defining personal information, including SPI and children’s personal information
  • Defining risk
  • What is a control
  • The purpose of POPIA
  • The scope and jurisdiction of POPIA
  • The eight conditions of POPIA
  • Processing SPI and children’s personal information
  • Trans-border flows
  • Prior authorisation
  • Direct marketing
  • Data matching
  • Automated decision making
  • Codes of conduct
  • Creating a privacy programme
  • The components of a compliance framework
  • Governance structure
  • Privacy policy
  • Information Security policy
  • Privacy notices
  • Personal information inventory and data flows
  • Retention and destruction schedules
  • Monitoring and reporting processes
  • Data subject rights processes – this includes access, correction, deletion and complaints
  • The Privacy Impact Assessment process
  • Training and awareness
  • Maintaining your privacy programme

More information:

This option is best suited for attorneys, advocates, or consultants who provide their clients with advice in the realm of data privacy. The training will provide you with the requisite knowledge to understand your client’s concerns and advise them accordingly. It will also direct you to the appropriate research required to provide considered opinions and advice.

The license provided under this option will allow you to use the templates and precedents provided for the benefit of your clients. These documents are constantly updated by the Atvance Intellect team and kept in line with leading market practice, meaning that they may be easily adapted to your client’s individual situation.

The total recommended study time over 4 weeks is 42 hours of which 16 hours (4 hours per week) will be dedicated to online training. We suggest that persons taking this course allocate additional time during the course to prepare for and complete the online assessments.

R55,000.00 incl VAT