How Data Is Driving New Revolutions

This is our last recording in our series with Atvance Intellect on the world of Data.

Enlin Neveling joins the podcast team at eBizRadio to share how all the previous episodes are driving business innovation and also mechanization, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

These trends were already on the horizon of business’s large and small as well as governments and other non-state actors, but have since become more pressing due to current issues.

It’s a brave, scary new world and any insights on how it’s going to function are very welcome! Enjoy.

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Sean Raubenheimer


Make choices that best serve your business without the negative trade-offs
Data source questions on a On Prem, Cloud or a hybrid approach
How can automation help you?
New legislation and regulations governing the protection of customer data
Jayson O’Reilly on the importance of education
How regulation develops over time
And to Brendon Ambrose, general manager of Data Privacy
How we turn machine data into valuable insights
And how can you avoid becoming a victim?