How to Look at Data Privacy and the Law

In this episode of the podcast, TechCentral is joined by Brendon Ambrose, GM for data privacy, at technology company Atvance Intellect.

In the podcast, Ambrose focuses specifically on the data privacy side of Atvance Intellect's business and what companies need to know about new legislation and regulations governing the protection of customer data, including Europe's GDPR and South Africa's Protection of Personal Information Act (Popia).

With Popia coming into full force from next year, Ambrose explains what companies need to know about it and why he believes they shouldn't simply treat it as a compliance exercise but should rather use it as the basis for a full audit of their processes and systems to ensure they keep data privacy in mind in everything they do.

With data breaches becoming more commonplace, what should companies know if they're affected by one? What will Popia mean for them when this happens, and how should they manage the risk?

The conservation then turns to how companies, particularly larger ones, should manage data privacy as a function within the organisation, and who should the data protection officer report to and why?

How does data protection compare to other areas of compliance that companies must already deal with? And can privacy legislation actually benefit a business if it approaches it in the right way? Ambrose answers all these questions and more in this podcast.

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Brendon Ambrose


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