Introduction to Data Analytics – Turning Machine Data Into Business Value

Introduction video between Jayson O’Reilly (General Manager – Cyber Security) and our General Manager for Data Analytics, Sean Raubenheimer and our Senior Solutions Manager, Enlin Neveling. In today’s business you need to be able to get answers from your data from any source, any amount of volume in near real time across multiple platforms whether that is On Prem, Cloud or a hybrid approach.

Machine Data is growing 80% more than traditional data structured data, we want to make sure that your business is future proofed. We want to take these Data challengers that businesses are facing and help our customers with Business Value, we don’t care about the data source, volume or speed we can collect across silos, act in near real time and scale as the business requires.

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Jayson O'Reilly


Make choices that best serve your business without the negative trade-offs
Data source questions on a On Prem, Cloud or a hybrid approach
How can automation help you?
New legislation and regulations governing the protection of customer data
Jayson O’Reilly on the importance of education
How regulation develops over time
And to Brendon Ambrose, general manager of Data Privacy
How we turn machine data into valuable insights
And how can you avoid becoming a victim?