The State of Observability Report 2021

Splunk partnered with market research firm ESG to assess observability trends and surveyed observability leaders and practitioners worldwide across more than 500 organisations.

The research highlights the ever-growing necessity of observability for any organisation — given the accelerated digital transformation organisations are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and rising cloud complexity. The findings also quantify the consequences of observability gaps, and the substantial benefits in store when an organisation has an established, effective observability practice.


New global research reveals that observability delivers results:
  • 2.9 times better visibility into application performance
  • 2.3 times better visibility into security posture
  • Almost 2 times better visibility into public cloud infrastructure

Observability leaders are also more successful at launching innovative products/services, having developed 60% more new products in the last 12 months.

Read The State of Observability 2021 to understand a fundamental element of success in a complex, multicloud world.

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Alan Browning

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